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Reluctantly Here

Jan 31, 2018

Kathryn rants about PDA, Katie brags about aggressively friending comics James Goff and Gina Brillion, and they ruminate on whether comics WANT to offend people.

They also discuss things people did to break up with someone. They realize people are runners, hiders, liars, and lizard lovers.



REM: Shiny, Happy,...

Jan 24, 2018

Katie and Kathryn talk about their obsession with comedian Brian Beaudoin, whether ovens come with "storage drawers", and how Katie got her aggressive helpfulness from her dad. 



REM: Shiny Happy People

Danzig: Mother

Jan 17, 2018

Kathryn and Katie talk about getting heckled. Kathryn also talks about getting fabric shamed at a bridal shop and Katie talks about that time she scared a homeless man. They also share stories from listeners, including the time comic Liz Moniz scared her husband with a burrito. 



REM:  Shiny Happy People


Jan 10, 2018

Katie and Kathryn discuss Katie's recent discovery that she was indeed a ramp tramp, despite her best efforts. They also talk about Kathryn's drinking problem and whether having webbed feet means you ate your twin.



REM: Shiny Happy People

Avril Lavigne: Sk8ter Boi

Jan 3, 2018

Katie and Kathryn discuss how Kathryn can "get her groove at all" by taking burlesque classes, how Katie doesn't try anything she might fail at (aside from driving), and how Kathryn might be a closeted aggressive friend. They also discuss the time magical thinking failed Kathryn when she needed it most and they...