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Reluctantly Here

Aug 22, 2018

Kathryn is fresh off taking speed or something in this episode! Katie talks about buying her first responsible car, Kathryn talks about the time she lost her teeth...for three days.



The Knocks: Ride Or Die

Aug 15, 2018

Kathryn and Katie talk about seeing a surprise strip tease during a comedy showcase, being the crazy fun aunt, and how Kathryn got an atomic wedgie.



Beach Boys: Fun, Fun, Fun

Aug 8, 2018

Kathryn and Katie record in the car before they participate in a roast battle. Kathryn as the beginnings of an actual panic attack while recording and Katie tries to calm her down by explaining the gory details of their upcoming hiking trip. They also talk about how they got in trouble online. Scandalous!




Aug 1, 2018

This week Kathryn and Katie have the outrageous and hilarious Alan Fitzgerald as a guest. They talk about censorship in comedy, worst jobs, weird roommates, and the time Alan shut down an open mic with one performance.



Tears for Fears: Everybody wants to rule the world